Top Tips For Shoulder Holster Concealed Carry

Let us face it; shoulder holsters are not the most comfortable form of concealed carry. If Hollywood and TV cops did not popularize them, there probably would be fewer of them around. People believe that shoulder holsters are a different form of burden. Carrying a firearm is hard enough.

You shouldn’t have to get extra uncomfortable just because you want to conceal it. It’s no argument that wearing a shoulder holster is not easy enough. In fact, as a law enforcement official or a secret service agent, you are probably wondering why we wrote a whole article on wearing a shoulder holster. It is because people tend to wear holsters poorly, especially if they are discreet. This could likely cause other body pains due to having to hold on to heavy metal for that long. It makes them uncomfortable You should not have to be uncomfortable for long hours just because you are holstering a sidearm.

And honestly, you don’t have to. Most people who use shoulder holster concealed carry get uncomfortable while wearing it because there were some tips they did not follow. If you are reading this, it means you understand the amount of discomfort that people claim comes with shoulder holsters. This is why we provided the following tips for you to be discreet, comfortable, and even stylish a little while wearing a good shoulder holster concealed carry. If you want to wear shoulder holsters and not feel like someone is squeezing your life out of you, then you want to read this to the end.


To a large extent, being comfortable while wearing a concealed carry depends on the firearm you intend to holster. Handguns come in different sizes, and so do shoulder holsters. If you prefer having massive guns on you, then vertical shoulder holsters might be what you want. Contrary to public opinion, shoulder holsters, especially the vertical ones, can conceal a firearm as long as the 8″ Smith & Wesson.

Shoulder holsters can hold any gun of any size. It all depends on your choice. Do you prefer holstering a slim gun? Then you don’t need a bulky holster. The same thing goes the other way round. This is essentially the first thing you need to know before choosing your shoulder holster: It all depends on your firearm.


After buying those one size fits all shoulder holsters, most people take it out to get it tailored. It’s weird paying for a holster in the first place and then paying so you can wear it comfortably again. Although people wear tailored holsters, you can direct the money you intend to pay into something else and buy an adjustable shoulder holster. This means you will have to wear the holster repeatedly until you find that perfect setting that makes the holster comfortable for you to carry while also keeping it concealed.

Ditch the Tight Shirts

If you are going to wear a shoulder holster, you have to sacrifice the tight shirts. For you to perfectly conceal a shoulder holster, you have to wear mildly loose shirts. At this point, it is essential to note that people who want to disguise the fact that they are carrying a firearm do not tend to use a shoulder holster because the chances of inadequate concealment are very high.

If you want to wear shoulder holsters so that people around you won’t know that you are carrying a weapon, tight shirts are the last thing you want to wear. We recommend that you wear a loose jacket if you’re going to wear a shoulder holster. The coat does not have to be too loose, though, just enough so that the harness’s imprint on your back is not visible. If from the start, you are someone who prioritizes comfort above fashion, then you do not have a problem here. Wear a mildly loose suit while carrying your firearm, and people will not notice that you are armed.

Belt Hooks

Yes, for proper fitting of the holster and to avoid it from flapping around while you walk, it is advisable that you wear a set of belt hooks. When you wear belt hooks, you can easily attach the holster’s harness to the hooks, so it pulls the holster in a little tighter and makes you more comfortable and more discreet. The next time you want to wear a shoulder holster and conceal it appropriately, wear a belt hook. It’s a small tip, but it goes a long way in making your holster less visible and more comfortable.

More Belt Hooks

This sounds ridiculous in theory, but it is incredibly helpful. Adding a second set of belt hooks will anchor the holster and the magazine carrier more securely to the body. If you enjoy using heavy pistols, you need a second set of belt hooks to firmly secure the holster and prevent it from swaying while walking.

Finally, you must take note of your surroundings while wearing a shoulder holster concealed carry. You should also note how you walk and keep in mind that some movements may put your holster at risk of getting exposed. As said earlier, try to always have a suit on while wearing a shoulder holster. While this slightly decreases the concealment purposes, it significantly increases the ease of access in emergency cases.

Now that you know what you need to make sure of when choosing a shoulder holster concealed carry, you may now go ahead and put these tips to use. Just remember to always have your permit with you to avoid any form of embarrassment.

Always have your permit with you if you’re wearing either a shoulder holster or any other kind of concealed carry. It is also vital that you practice how to draw out your shoulder holster. Several gun websites online teach you how to perfectly disguise your shoulder holster when not needed and then draw it out in an emergency.